Sandhurst takes delivery of cutting edge multi-processor from Zato.

Committed to leadership of the excavator attachment sector in the UK, Sandhurst is a driving force in bringing exciting, robust, high-performance kit to the recycling and demolition industries.

It is with great pride that Marketing Director, Louise Dean is announcing the arrival of some equipment from Zato which will make mincemeat of scrap metal and concrete. Adding to an already impressive range of shears such as the monster shears for aluminium the ‘Cayman’, and rotating pulverizers, Sandhurst now stock heavy-duty Multi-Processors (MKZ15) made for Sandhurst which they’re calling ‘Rapid-Change’ thanks to technology with allows for the fastest on site change between pulverising and shearing on the market today.

Sandhurst attachments are available for hire or sale.

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