THE ARTICULATOR 5000 - WLL 5000kg.

Announcing the launch of the world’s first attachment capable of handling or manipulating, complex, irregular, and weighty structures.

Meet The Articulator 5000 from Sandhurst.

The British design-engineered innovation will have a global impact on many sectors of the construction industry especially rail and telecoms. The Articulator 5000, is the brainchild of Sandhurst with over 45 years in plant and construction equipment worldwide

The Articulator is capable of handling round, tapered or straight sections up to an impressive 5000 kg of weight load and  an astonishing 20 metres in length. For the first time ever, on site and on track, operators will be able to move and place with precision masts, poles, tubes of steel or concrete which are tapered or of different variable diameters.

This innovation is set to revolutionise performance on site or on track providing enormous savings in time and cost with one man handling of long, heavy, cumbersome beams, posts, poles, pipes and h-sections from the cab of an excavator or RRV of carrier class 14 tonnes and above.

Responsive, strong and capable by design, The Articulator 5000 features combination of responsive elements - telescopic legs, four individually adjustable feet, a central stabiliser pad, and a rotating brainbox. This stunning combination means The Articulator can adjust to various widths and sizes and remain sturdy and safe. 

The performance of The Articulator 5000 on site is jaw-dropping as it rotates enormous steel masts, heavy concrete pipes, tapered poles with ease as if each was as light as a feather.

The world is full of complex structures of irregular shapes and sizes, but until now we’ve not had performance equipment to handle many of them. Now, whatever it is, we can handle it. That’s why we are excited to announce a brave new world of handling.

Sandhurst Ltd are proud of the team’s work to make a vision a reality, originating here in Great Britain, and will be launching The Articulator 5000 at Rail Live with a launch party at their plot E1 at 2pm on 20th June which you’re warmly invited to attend.  On hand to answer questions will be Sandhurst’s Design and Engineering director formerly of Kinshofer and Auger Torque, Neil Beard.

Please contact Sandhurst for further details or visit the website for technical data, photos and further information at and to put your name down for a glass of champagne on our big day. Enjoy our video of The Articulator 5000 in action, and imagine what it could do to make your work life easier. 

(You will find photos available for download at and access to the media pack at the media page)

For further information please contact:

Louise Dean

Marketing Director

Sandhurst Ltd

Tel: 01634 739 999 


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