Lights, camera, action!

Filming at Sandhurst began on Monday for a two-day shoot of the latest Zato multiprocessor the Rapid Change MKZ15 or 'Transformer'. Our HQ at Medway as turned into a film set and Lavender Blue Media turned up with their crew and an array of cameras to take footage of the impressive and rather beautiful attachment in action munching concrete kerbstones and spitting out dust and snipping rail beams as if they were liquorice bootlaces!

Everyone turned out to give hand and get stuck in attending to 'hair and make up' for the MKZ15 with a little dab here and a polish there. The formidable Steve from our Birmingham centre was jetted in to operate the Komatsu PC260 which JF Hunt kindly lent us for the shoot. At times he sat on high like a member of ZZ Top and at times he resembled Tolstoy as he took charge of the controls and made shearing and crushing look like a piece of cake. It was a joy to watch him have the MKZ15 show off its range of tricks, rotating and nodding against the sunny skies of Rochester. On set, the hero of the piece was Neil Beard our Engineering Design Manager who walked into his big scene like John Wayne ready to demonstrate the simple business of switching pins between jaw changes. Watching Neil and Steve was like seeing Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid reunited. With few words, they anticipated each other's every on-screen need....

With our warm thanks to our friends at Zato, John F Hunt and Lavender Blue Media.

The film will soon be published at and through our social media channels and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. If you'd like to hire or buy the MKZ15 to make the onerous and tedious change of jaws between pulverising and crushing a thing of the past at your demolition site, then you know who to call!