Possibly the most beautiful factory in the world?


Sandhurst Ltd prides itself on supplying the world's finest excavator attachments.

One of our preferred manufacturers is Cangini Benne. Set in the hills of Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy, Cangini Benne's location boasts breathtaking views. The factory is close to the ancient Roman town of Sarsina but there's nothing old-fashioned about the production facilities at Cangini. The design team and factory use cutting-edge technologies to design and produce over 60 innovative and robust excavator attachments for applications ranging from agricultural, civil, to demolition and land management. The equipment is produced with enormous pride by seventy local people who feel a warm loyalty to their employers, the Cangini family. Brothers, Giorgio and Davide Cangini are at the helm of this modern, ambitious company and they have some exciting new products planned for launch in 2018 which you can be sure Sandhurst will be pleased to bring to market.

We will keep our customers up to date with developments and continue to put the very best equipment at their disposal at the keenest prices. Watch this space. AVANTE!