Lifting with Excavators


They used to say just don’t do it – excavators are for digging, cranes are for lifting – but official industry advice has now yielded to the inevitable: excavators can be used for lifting.

The Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group has published a new safety guide called Lifting operations with 180o and 360o excavators which you can download below.

Construction Plant-hire Association director Kevin Minton, who is chairman of the Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group, said: “As lifting using excavators has become much more prolific and in many cases excavators are only lifting equipment on site, it was time for us to update and expand the guidance, highlighting and emphasising that lifting suspended loads with excavators is no different to the management and execution of the lifting of loads using a traditional crane.”

It's not a pretty sight to see slings, ropes and chains on site with people standing in ditches or in unsafe positions at risk. Let's make them a thing of the past. 

Sandhurst offers the following attachments for excavators suitable for lifting a wide range of posts, pipes, poles, sleepers, timber of all sizes;

Five tine grabs

Hydraulic magnet

Log grapple


High Capacity Manipulator

Concrete Pipe Lifter

Our Concrete Pipe Lifter won the “Health & Safety Initiative of the Year” award in 2012 at the annual Water Industry Achievement Awards ceremony at the ICC in Birmingham.

When you need excavator lifting expertise on site, call Sandhurst to rent or buy attachments best for the safe and efficient handling of your project.

Download Guidance on Lifting with Excavators.


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