A New Broom


He's in the hot seat, and firing on all cylinders! I was able to catch up with Keith today, the new Regional Manager for Sandhurst London & South East and ask him 'what's new?'

Keith Evans was previously Sales Manager for Sandhurst UK but he's got a new brief, and his appointment to rental AND sales for the region, reflects a customer-centric approach at Sandhurst which erases divisions between rental and sales and gives customers the benefit of flexible solutions to their projects.

'We're talking one-stop 'Attachment Solutions'" says Keith Evans. 'We have the expertise to approach a project as a whole and recommend the best equipment for the job, and as the industry, knows we have the capacity to fulfil it no matter the scale. Now, how the customer prefers to arrange for that equipment is secondary. We can custom-build a 'Try Before You Buy' type offering for our customers, a combination of rental with purchase to ensure consistent on-site performance without interruption that makes sense financially. Our customers get maximum service from their equipment, however they arrange for its supply and we're able to offer longer warranties than before..'

'In the last ten years, attachments have really moved on. Attachments are far more flexible and multi-purpose than before. We see functions combined in new ways. The rotating grapple, for instance, can be fixed or rotating. The new Multiprocessor from Zato allows the operator to move between the cutting and crushing function without the same long-winded downtime. The quality has improved and a higher percentage of Hardox is used in the build of attachments than ever before. It's cost-efficient to use newer equipment, to trade up if you like. That's where Sandhurst comes in. We trade you up seamlessly.'

The watchwords according to Keith are 'flexibility', 'ingenuity' and 'one-stop'.

With its Engineering centre, Sandhurst custom builds solutions for major projects and major customers. We solve big problems in ingenious ways.

Now, from our HQ at Rochester, Keith is keen to bring the same approach to the supply of equipment to customers.

'Make sure you take advantage of advances in attachment and get the best advice for your particular application. When it comes to how that financed, Sandhurst can work out the details with you to please your finance department. Do the very best job for your project and come see Sandhurst, first. You'll kick yourself if you don't.'