Tree shears

Tree shears


Powerful tools to cut and handle trees and brush for timber harvesting.

  • powerful shear cuts to 350mm diameter

  • heavy duty twin clamps for safe and accurate handling

  • bunches, grips and cuts

  • 360° rotation for precise positioning

  • cuts horizontally or vertically; extracts vertically without damaging surround

  • forestry, rail and land management

  • we offer both TMK and CMB products

The TMK 300 is one of the most versatile shears on the market. Easy operating makes the TMK 300 a great choice for small scale users with very high productivity suitable for 5 -20 ton carriers it weighs 295 Kg and cuts up to 300mm.

The CMB tree shear is available in six models to suits excavators from 5 to 30 tons and allow to cut trees from 150 mm. (5.3 in) to 600 mm. (23.6 in). Thanks to the collector arm and controlled hydraulic 360° rotation it's easy to use also in the most precarious conditions. Made with the best raw materials and components to ensure reliability, long life and low maintenance.

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TMK300 Tree Shears
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