Hydraulic Tamping Unit

Hydraulic Tamping Unit


For mechanical tamping of the ballast on any track configuration.

  • MB 1T: up to 100 sleepers per hour (both rails) 
    1 tamping head with adjustable plunge depth. 

    • MB 2TL: up to 200 sleepers per hour (both rails) 2 lightweight tamping heads 
    with independent lifting of each head 

    • 4 tines per head, 46 Hz elliptical vibrations ensure first class consolidation 

    • Manual tamping cycle operated by the rail-road excavator operator 

    • Suitable for tamping twin sleepers and turnouts 

    • Other models: MB 8AC, 2-head tamping unit mounted 
    on frame with guide wheels (up to 240 sleepers/h - 2,540 kg)

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