Rail trolleys

Rail trolleys


Buffalo Trolley

The Buffalo Rail Trolley is our most popular model sharing all the features of the Bison Trolley but using a steel chassis to lower cost.


Bison Trolley

The  Bison Rail Trolley is a lightweight two-piece trolley with a 1,000kg payload capacity, regenerative braking system. Simply the best general purpose trolley on the market.


Hawk Trolley

The Hawk Trolley is a smaller one-piece trolley using the same regenerative braking system as the Bison Trolley.



Elk Trolley Skate

Combining the functions of a sack barrow with a rail skate, this unique product is the first practicable 'Road / Rail' hand trolley.


Raven Rail Mover

A radical alternative to existing rail moving devices. Lighter, simpler and easier to use with a load sensitive regenerative braking system.


Rail Making / Greasing Trolley

Clearly demarcate work zones by applying a paint line to the head of the rail. Also used to apply track lube.

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