Rail mast and cable handling equipment

Rail mast and cable handling equipment


Integrated Drum Handler / Cable Layer

Our integrated drum handler / cable layer minimises handling time and maximises output. Lift and lay cables without the need to fit cable drums into a separate cable layer.


High Capacity Manipulator SM15-01

Specifically developed for handling and installing OLE masts this powerful manipulator will handle, erect and precisely position any steel section post or mast from 200mm to 650mm. 


Cable Drum Stand / Cable Layer

Designed primarily to mount on a rail trailer this unique cable drum holder / layer incorporates a unique low rolling resistance mounting for the drum shaft which is of great benefit for the laying of delicate cables such as fibre optics. Braked and powered versions are available.


Cable Trailer

An ideal solution for laying cable in restricted spaces such as tunnels.


Cable Thimbles

With soft Urethane rollers these cable thimbles are used to help guide cable from the drum into place.


Trough Cable Installer

A semi-automatic machine which lifts troughing lids, installs cable and replaces the lids in one continuous operation.


Bespoke Installation Machinery

A variety of cable installation equipment from simple roller devices to a modular tractor for working underground.

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