Rotating Pulveriser or Crusher

Rotating Pulveriser or Crusher


The Rotating Pulveriser is a fast and accurate crusher with 360° hydraulic rotation. For excavators 6 - 47 tonnes. Usage in primary and secondary demolition for taking down structures and demolishing them. We have three high performance models available.

  • wide jaws

  • a large blade which can be turned to achieve cutting profile

  • compact - excellent visibility during manoeuvre

  • powerful high torque rotator

  • separate concrete from rebar

  • A Zato product made for Sandhurst. The Predator, Dynamite or Galileo models are available. Please call us for advice on which is best for your project / excavator size. or see the details below.

  • The range serves excavators of 6 - 47 tonnes.

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The Galileo series crushers, are the ideal solution for primary demolition works of reinforced steel and are equipped with  360° hydraulic rotation as standard. These crushers allow a quick positioning and are made of tough and durable materials.
Thanks to their twin cylinders, fully protected, they are able to access any space with ease and to perform any task without any damage. They are crushers equipped with huge openings with wide blades for cutting the reinforcing steel and with a high force that allows the demolition of even the most solid structures.