Patch Planer

Patch Planer


Repair potholes and plane asphalt surfaces. Removes the entire layer of asphalt or cement.

  • prepare surfaces for reinstatement
  • effective for milling or cutting any surface, whether horizontal, vertical or sloped.
  • cutting action is achieved efficiently and with precision using powerful rotating tungsten tipped picks
  • various cutting widths and depth control scarified clean finish
  • allow the possibility to reuse milled material for backfilling trenches and recycle material for re-use
  • maintains even planing surface
  • a Simex product for Sandhurst

"Thanks to the swinging support, pivoted on the same rotation axis as the milling drum, the attachment maintains a perfect planing surface support in any condition, regardless of the ground contour and the attachment's position with respect to the prime mover. " Manufacturer comments.

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