Fence post driver

Fence post driver


Post driving efficiency with a drop weight for mini-excavators and more.

  • mounting brackets for various excavator models easy to install
  • safe and simple to use
  • heavy duty mast construction
  • unique wall steel box section mast design for extra strength 
  • one man operation
  • throat gripper plate holds the post securely during the driving process
  • operator visibility from the cab is good, post driving is easy, accurate and safe.
  • P10 model
  • Up to 120kg driver weight depending on digger size.
  • Quick release 200mm throat width gripper plate with reinforced rubber for noise reduction.
  • Offset mounting bracket for maximum operator visibility.
  • Open mast design for excellent visibiity and allows posts to be knocked in after wire is put up.
  • In line restrictor valve to control the hammer up stroke speed.
  • Unique high strength mast construction
  • Safe and compact parking position
  • 20mm diameter double briaded rope
  • P18 model 
    • Grease impregnated nylon pulleys
    • 20mm diameter double braided rope
    • Excellent visibility with the offset mounting bracket
    • Optional 60mm hardened steel rock spike
    • Optional side to side mast tilt
    • 270mm throat width quick release gripper plate
    • 2m long extendable leg for depth control and stability
    • Mid or lower mounting positions available:
    • 120kg weight
    • 150kg option
    • 180kg option
    • 210kg option
    • heavy duty mast construction
    • 20mm diameter double braided rope

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