Brush cutters / mulchers

Brush cutters / mulchers


Clear thick scrub, grass, bramble, thicket and brushwood. Fits any excavator. A top of the range mulcher which can be fitted with knives to clear gorse, cut overgrowth and for hedge cutting or with  heavy duty retractable hammer blade for thicker branches.

  • protective chains

  • anti-cavitation block of valves: a system that stops the back pressure from damaging the hydraulic pump if there is a sudden stop of the rotor of the flail mower due to an obstacle or a foreign object being hit during cutting

  • optional: standard or quick hitch mounting brackets

  • optional: pipes, pins, bits and pieces

  • LS6 Model 8– 24 tonne excavators cuts and mulches brush up to 1100mm in diameter

  • fitted with a floating head to maintain contact over irregular surfaces

  • fast flail cutting mallets - high speed, dual rotation blades

  • heavy-duty steel deck with reinforced side plates provides strength and durability

  • for the rapid removal of large areas of overgrown vegetation

  • suitable for hard-to-access areas such as embankments, drainage ditches, hedgerows and overhanging branches

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