Brush cutters / mulchers

Brush cutters / mulchers


Clear thick scrub, grass, bramble, thicket and brushwood. Fits any excavator.

  • cuts and mulches brush up to 1100mm in diameter
  • fitted with a floating head to maintain contact over irregular surfaces
  • fast flail cutting mallets - high speed, dual rotation blades
  • heavy-duty steel deck with reinforced side plates provides strength and durability
  • for the rapid removal of large areas of overgrown vegetation
  • suitable for hard-to-access areas such as embankments, drainage ditches, hedgerows and overhanging branches
  •  each model features a heavy-duty reinforced frame and anti-shock shielding to protect bearings during daily use.
  • choice of Y blades for cutting large areas of grass and light vegetation, or HD cutters are available for heavier vegetation. An optional floating head system improves cutter control over undulating ground conditions.
  • front mounted brush cutters available with maximum cutting width of 2000mm
  • vertical head floating system for increased cutting control and mechanical side-shifting (hydraulic upon request)
  • adjustment to horizontal plane of ±10°.
  • A Cangini product for Sandhurst

"mulcher is equipped with bypass, pressure and throttle valves. Standard side skids. A third drainage pipe to the tank is not needed." Manufacturer comments.

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